Women who Lead – Bali Retreat (July 3rd-5th 2015)



Re-evaluating career decisions? Starting new projects or businesses? Stepping up to a new level of leadership? Join our Women who Lead retreat at the stunning Banyan Tree resort in Bali on 3rd-5th July and be equipped with new insights and practical skills to sharpen your professional practice as a leader. The retreat is a highly interactive, peer to peer learning space which offers on-going professional development for senior women in positions of leadership in small businesses, the corporate world or public sector.
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Managing and Leading Innovation Master Class (July 28th & 29th)



According to research on the Singapore Management Agenda, 60% of HR Managers in Singapore identified encouraging innovation as a key people challenge but how do you create a culture that can systematically create value out of new ideas? Attend our joint Master Class with Roffey Park Management Institute on July 28th and 29th and find out.
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Build and lead a culture of innovation – Free Webinar



According to Roffey Park’s Singapore Management Agenda research, 60% of HR managers in Singapore identified encouraging innovation as a key people challenge, but how do you create a culture that can systematically create value out of new ideas?

Join us on an interactive free webinar to learn the importance and role of Organisational Development in enabling and leading innovation in organisations and learn six key strategies on how to cultivate a culture of innovation within the workplace.
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Leading with Style


Young serious business woman and team. Over white background.

Research indicates that leaders with the best results do not rely on only one leadership style but draw from a range of approaches depending on the situation and the outcomes they want to create.  Drawing from research by consulting firm Hay/McBer, and popularized by Daniel Goleman, this highly engaging workshop, for female executives on Wednesday January 14th at the American Club in Singapore, will explore the six leadership styles that successful leaders adopt to get results. For more information and to register please go to the PrimeTime website.

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Measuring and rewarding innovation



I often get asked how organisations can build a more innovative culture. It is a valid but difficult question to answer as culture is something that is multi-faceted, involves history and legacy, and includes a set of deeply-held values.

It is one thing to have a list of values on the wall or published in a corporate annual report. It is yet another to live and breathe innovation in daily activities — what I would call “day-to-day innovation”, challenging assumptions and doing things differently.
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Rethinking Innovation



Do you consider yourself innovative? This question usually elicits a negative response for two reasons. First, people tend to wrongly equate innovation with only technologies, research and development, and new products. Second, innovation is misperceived as the domain of a select creative few.

Innovation is far more than this and reframing it in our own mind can help us to see where we can contribute to innovation in our lives and the work that we do every day.

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Grit and ability to innovate go hand in hand



A Singaporean friend recently shared that despite having a stable corporate role, she missed the challenges involved in running her own business. Despite two previous entrepreneurial failures, she was keen to go back to managing start-ups. Why? Because she has grit.

What is grit? It is the ability to pick oneself up in the face of great disappointment or failure, and have another go. Or as psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth says: “Grit is sticking with your future — day in, day out, not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years — and working really hard to make that future a reality.”

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An Innovate Now! Session of the Innovators Network


 Launch & Inaugural “Innovate Now!” Session of The Innovators Network – The Future of Business, Force of Technology & Power of Innovation

Singapore-based enterprises are today faced with tremendous challenges from global competition, industry disruption and factor constraints. Yet, at the same time, emerging powerful digital technologies and innovative business models present incredible opportunities to capture new value, markets and consumers. The world is transforming from the industrial economy to the innovation economy, where the fundamental rules of business and industries are constantly being re-written. How can enterprises use innovation to exploit and avoid being disrupted by this hyper-speed and technology-powered environment?

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Public Sector Transformation through Organisation Design, 23rd & 24th June, Kuala Lumpur


Organisations need to constantly adapt to continue to be relevant in this ever changing world. The best way of doing so is to continuously innovate and differentiate itself – not just through new product or service development, but also through how it manages its people – putting in place a Design & Culture that make innovation systemic and sustainable. Organisation Design is the new enabler and leading contributor of Innovation Culture.

Please join me, and other speakers and participants, at Signature Trend’s two day workshop in Kuala Lumpur – Click here for the full brochure and registration form.

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Risk-taking in S’pore: Progress made, but rethink may be needed



So what is on the mind of the Singaporean manager? Plenty, shows the Singaporean Management Agenda survey of 600 organisations on a range of business topics. The results, published by Roffey Park and Management Development Institute, provide fresh insight on the pulse of Singaporean business managers.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the No 1 preoccupation of the respondents was talent management, more specifically, recruiting the right staff. More interestingly, increasing productivity and encouraging innovation were among the top five human resource challenges listed by the managers. When I dug a bit deeper into the data, some surprises piqued my interest.

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For the service edge, think like a designer




Last month, my business partner and I decided to switch our bank account to DBS. I must say, it was truly an exceptional experience. From entering its pod-like lobby at the Marina Bay Financial Centre, which looked like a cross between a five-star-hotel reception and a spaceship, I was mesmerised. Could this really be a bank?

From there on, I found myself analysing every little detail of its service offering — from its high-touch interaction with customer service representatives, to the low-touch experience of interacting with its technological platforms.

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Sketch pad of the mind



A new year is full of hope and aspiration — it is like turning the pages of a recently purchased book, whereby we put aside the past and look forward to the future.

It is full of new resolutions — lose weight, learn a new skill or get a new job — most of which are long forgotten as life catches up with us.

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Back to the Future: Creative Visioning & Designing the Life you Want to Lead – Wednesday 10th April



Need fresh ideas, thinking space and inspiration to propel you into your next level of leadership? Back to the Future: Creative Visioning & Designing the Life you Want to Lead will engage you in a visioning exercise to help design your story and create bold steps to take you there. As part of PrimeTime’s women’s Professional Development Series I will be facilitating a workshop in Singapore on April 10th between 6:30-10:00pm. Click here for more information and to register for the event.

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Singapore Women’s Congress – Friday 22nd March


Singapore Womens Congress 2013 - March 22nd

I am speaking at the Singapore Women’s Congress on Friday March 22nd. The conference has invited pioneers within their respective industries to share insights and best practices to allow change to play a more strategic role in cultivating our social, business and personal growth. I will be speaking on Leading Innovation in a Time of Change. For more information and to view the TV advertisement on the event please click here.

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