Founded in the UK by Natalie Turner in July 2006, Entheo is now Head Quartered in Singapore in South East Asia. A former Innovation Director in a large research agency, Natalie realised that one of the main barriers was not the lack of good ideas, but the lack of clear innovation management processes and practical tools to help organisations cultivate skills, mind-sets and cultures to support innovative ways of thinking and working.

Using a blend of approaches including facilitation, skills development, idea generation, innovation assessments and consultancy Entheo’s clients include amongst many others in Asia and Europe, Cisco Systems, Logica, Singapore Airlines, Syngenta and Leo Pharma.

Our approach combines a strong commercial focus with professional development. This helps to make learning stick, be practical and of immediate use. Innovation becomes part of everyday work practices, not just for Research and New Product Development Departments. A client works on real challenges, has precious thinking time and leaves with fresh ideas, a clear sense of direction and plans to drive actions forward.

Entheo works as a network, bringing in core expertise and support where required. This ensures that our clients receive the best value and expertise for their Programmes and Projects.

Case Studies

Skills Development Workshops

  • How to Innovate! Skills, Mind-Sets and Tools for Practical Innovation

    This programme teaches participants the tools, techniques, mind-sets and behaviours that are critical for creating value out of new ideas. Designed to engage participants in an end-to-end experience of the total innovation journey; learnings will include how to identify innovation opportunities, generate and evaluate new ideas, engage stakeholders, and influence others to support ideas. Suitable for managers and non-managers who want to learn more about practical and effective innovation.

    Download the Skills & Mindsets PDF

  • How to Innovate! Managing and Facilitating Innovation in the Workplace

    Thisprogramme is designed to equip participants with knowledge and skills that will help them to lead, guide and sustain innovation efforts in a team. Through hands on sessions, participants will learn how to facilitate others to innovate more effectively. Learnings will include facilitation methods and tools, how to build innovation teams and how to manage innovation as an on-going process. Suitable for those tasked with driving innovation, team leaders or those who want to increase their skills in facilitating others.

    Download the Managing and Facilitating Innovation PDF

  • How to Innovate! Building and Leading a Culture of Innovation

    This programme is designed to equip leaders with the tools, techniques and processes to help them build a culture of innovation. Through hands on sessions, leaders will learn how to align their strategy to drive innovation, innovate in the processes of management and develop innovative ways of thinking and working across the  organisation.  Suitable  for Innovation  and Organisational Development Directors, C-Suite Leaders and those who want to learn the importance of creating the right culture to lead and support innovation.

    Download the Building and Leading a Culture of Innovation PDF

Central to the Programmes is the Six ‘I’s of Innovation™, Entheo’s proprietary innovation methodology. Each participant, on each course, receives a personalised report on their innovation skills around the Six ‘I’s™.

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The Entheo Network is sole owner and licensee of The Six ‘I’s of Innovation™. The international copyright for the Six ‘I’s of Innovation™ is held by Natalie Turner. There are no other institutions or individuals, who are not associated with The Entheo Network, that are licensed to use the Six ‘I’s™ methodology for skills development or consultancy purposes.