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The Six ‘I’s of Innovation® is an integrated innovation methodology created by Natalie Turner, CEO and Founder of The Entheo Network, a global leadership innovation company. The Model has been developed in partnership with organisations, industry and leading thinkers in the areas of behavioural and work psychology. Its purpose is to give individuals and organisations a consistent framework for measuring innovation skills, behaviours and capabilities and to help develop an innovative and productive working culture.

The Six ‘I’s of Innovation® mirrors the unpredictable and iterative human journey that ideas take from their inception through to the creation of something that is valuable. Each of The Six ‘I’s® requires different values, skills, capabilities and supporting processes that need to be maximised if an organisation is to innovate consistently and effectively.

Innovation is about the creation of something valuable out of a new idea. The value could come from an incremental change or a big step change in how things are currently being done. For innovation to be really successful, a range of skills, behaviours and capabilities are required; identifying opportunities, igniting ideas and solutions, investigating them to see if they will work, investing in the best ones, implementing the idea into the world and improving it to see if more value can be created. Only then has real innovation happened.

Running through the Model, is the question of “PURPOSE”, which leads us to think through the “why” of innovation? Or what is the specific intent of what we are trying to achieve?

Services using the Six ‘I’s® Methodology include:

  • A comprehensive Model that gives a common language for understanding innovation
  • Individual and Team Assessments to assess and track innovation skills development
  • A suite of Training Programmes and Workshops for general employees, innovation team champions and senior leaders to equip them with innovation skills and mind-sets
  • A supporting Tool Kit with a range of tools to help individuals and teams practically innovate in a workshop and/or project based setting
  • Innovation Coaching to support the integration of learning and the application of knowledge on real business scenarios
  • An Innovation Management Platform to help measure innovation effectiveness and performance.

Assessment Tools

The Six ‘I’’s® questionnaire assesses skills around six distinct areas of innovation. As a self-assessment tool, it is only indicative of an individual’s strengths. Results are not absolute and cannot be interpreted as competences or true abilities.

In order to improve innovation skills, it is useful to understand what we consider as our current strengths, and the perception of our skills in comparison to others around us. It is our intent that results are used to increase self-awareness, build on strengths and create dynamic teams and organisations that can innovate effectively and productively.

Six ‘I’s of Innovation® Video Clips

Below are a selection of videos describing the different phases of the Six ‘I’s of Innovation®.  Click on each one to take you directly through to YouTube.  The videos are edits taken from a live speech at the Singapore Women’s Congress, Singapore, filmed by Toggle.

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The Entheo Network is sole owner of The Six ‘I’s of Innovation®. The copyright and Trade Mark for the Six ‘I’s of Innovation® is owned by Natalie Turner, Founder of The Entheo Network. Other institutions or individuals that are licensed to use the Six ‘I’s® methodology, must be formally accredited as Licencees or Partners. Please contact us for more information about Six ‘I’s® Accreditation and Licensing.