Re-evaluating career decisions? Starting new projects or businesses? Stepping up to a new level of leadership? Women who Lead will equip you with new insights, instantly usable practical skills and cutting edge thought leadership to sharpen your professional practice as a leader.

Women who Lead Wanakasa

Designed by Natalie Turner, CEO of The Entheo Network and Director of Women who Lead, the Programme is a highly interactive, peer to peer learning space which offers on-going professional development for senior women in positions of leadership in small businesses, the corporate world or public sector.

Our belief is that to lead with power and influence, not to mention a deep sense of integrity and authenticity, we need to have a strong sense of self, be able to lead from strength and learn how to listen to and trust our intuition.

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More than just a training programme, Women who Lead is designed so that you can work on current project ideas and/or leadership challenges. As well as drawing from the collective intelligence of other participants, you will make new connections and build strong relationships that will be of benefit to your personal and professional lives.

The intent of Women who Lead is to create time and space for women to engage deeply and creatively around issues relevant to them. Our goal is that the experience will be transformative in nature both for the individual and the group.

We have purposefully designed this experience to cultivate time for reflection, pampering and enlivening the senses so you will feel refreshed and revitalized to move into new levels of leadership.

The two day programme is designed around a fusion of facilitated conversations, creative interaction around the theories of leadership, change and innovation, building practices for emotional and personal well being and time for formal and informal networking. It also includes de-stress therapies and health-management sessions.

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Your Facilitators

Natalie Turner – Director, Women who Lead

Natalie is the Founder and CEO of The Entheo Network, a leadership innovation consultancy and has a background in marketing, business strategy and leadership development. She has worked for and consulted with some of the world’s leading organisations including American Express, BT, LEO Pharma, Coca Cola, Singapore Airlines and Cisco Systems. She was also the Programme Director and designer for the European Leadership Programme, a skills accelerator for CEO’s of venture backed and private equity owned companies across Europe.

An experienced facilitator, consultant and trainer; Natalie works to unlock the potential of organisations and people to help them create new products and services whilst focusing on the development of innovation skills, capabilities and culture. Natalie has three degrees; a BA in Politics, an MSc in Economics & Social Psychology & an MBA. She is also a Master Practitioner in Group Dynamics & Non-Verbal Communication, a qualified SPM Practitioner in cross-cultural communication and a Level 1&2 practitioner in Spiral Dynamics change and value system assessments.

Optional Mentoring Services

Below are two optional mentoring services to help hone your capabilities and skills further.

Leadership Development Assessment

Online assessment and 90 minute feedback session

Want to know what drives and motivates you at work and how your peers assess your communication style? This integrated assessment and feedback session will give insight into your work values (as assessed by yourself) and your behaviour (as assessed by three colleagues, of your choosing).

It will also look at the impact that your national culture has on how you make leadership decisions. Based on the award winning cross cultural research of Dr. Gilles Spony, this session will not only improve your own self-awareness but increase your ability to understand and lead others more effectively.

Creative Thinking Partnership

Three face to face sessions with telephone and email support

Innovation Leaders are often “prophets” to their businesses tasked with the difficult role of inspiring new ideas that will ultimately add value to the organisation whilst having to remain many steps ahead of the traditional culture in which they operate. This one to one mentoring service is designed with these pressures in mind to inspire as well as improve your performance so that you develop your power as a catalyst for business transformation. We encourage the sessions to be outside of the normal work context in environments that will offer freshness and inspiration.

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