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Research indicates that leaders with the best results do not rely on only one leadership style but draw from a range of approaches depending on the situation and the outcomes they want to create.  Drawing from research by consulting firm Hay/McBer, and popularized by Daniel Goleman, this highly engaging workshop, for female executives on Wednesday January 14th at the American Club in Singapore, will explore the six leadership styles that successful leaders adopt to get results. For more information and to register please go to the PrimeTime website.

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 Launch & Inaugural “Innovate Now!” Session of The Innovators Network – The Future of Business, Force of Technology & Power of Innovation

Singapore-based enterprises are today faced with tremendous challenges from global competition, industry disruption and factor constraints. Yet, at the same time, emerging powerful digital technologies and innovative business models present incredible opportunities to capture new value, markets and consumers. The world is transforming from the industrial economy to the innovation economy, where the fundamental rules of business and industries are constantly being re-written. How can enterprises use innovation to exploit and avoid being disrupted by this hyper-speed and technology-powered environment?

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Organisations need to constantly adapt to continue to be relevant in this ever changing world. The best way of doing so is to continuously innovate and differentiate itself – not just through new product or service development, but also through how it manages its people – putting in place a Design & Culture that make innovation systemic and sustainable. Organisation Design is the new enabler and leading contributor of Innovation Culture.

Please join me, and other speakers and participants, at Signature Trend’s two day workshop in Kuala Lumpur – Click here for the full brochure and registration form.

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